Construction Service Proivded by PI


Our clients have found invaluable benefits in working with a company that understands the realistic needs of a property not only before, but also after the completion of construction. Projects that appear perfect in the drawing room can sometimes prove to be impractical in operation. We operate on the front and back end of projects, and we have a unique perspective in regards to the needs of a property. Having a comprehensive approach to construction solutions, with a focus on cost engineering, has allowed for us to excel at what we do.


Construction Services

At Property Image, we offer a variety of construction services to both commercial and residential clients. We provide quality craftsmanship with prompt, schedule-oriented project teams. We support our customers through every step of the construction process, including:


  • Preconstruction
  • Preliminary budgeting
  • Architectural design
  • Permitting


  • Construction implementation
  • Schedule and budget tracking
  • Post-construction maintenance


  • Construction Manager advisor
  • Construction document review, oordinationement and procurement
  • Schedule budget tracking
  • Client advocate
  • Warranty management


Construct   |   Renovate   |   Maintain

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